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About Ekman Associates

Ekman Associates, Inc. is a Consulting Firm lead by executives who have served at the highest corporate levels enabling us to quickly understand the issues your organization is facing.  Our foundation is based on our ability to find, place and focus exceptional Talent in all four service lines.  Human Capital is the center of all companies and the primary determinant of a corporations' success.  

Our process is focused on quality, expertise and service to our Clients while providing services in a broad spectrum of industries.   We specialize in areas of Information Technology, Finance, Corporate Communications and Human Resources.   Our Client list consists of Fortune 500 level enterprises as well as Mid-Range and smaller entrepreneurial organizations.

A business partner with expertise in your business.......Ekman Associates employees have experience in multiple verticals, functions, industries and roles.  Let our experience be your benefit.  

Our Clients are located throughout the United States and International.