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Services:  Executive Recruiting Overview

Executive Recruiting Overview

It's all about hiring the right people.   If you are not familiar with this statement or don't agree with the premise, then we are not the right firm for you.  The reasons are obvious:  You don't hire a resume.

Ekman Associates has expertise in Executive Recruiting within the following sectors:  Information Technology, Corporate Communications (IR, PR, Corp. Comms, Gov. Rels), Corporate Finance, C-Suite, Marcom and Human Resources.  


Today's Executive Search environment has  made great strides in moving away from traditional search practices, to the detriment of the Client.   Unfortunately, technology has become a significant decision tool for far too many recruiting firms thus creating a inefficient search, low tenure placements, disgruntled executive management teams and HR being stretched too thin fixing the problems.  The human touch should be the primary tool for decision making. We welcome competing against firms that rely on technology to make their decisions, it's no contest.   We don't fail.


Having high turnover is much more expensive than going through the right process in hiring integral members of your firm.  Turnover is a killer.   The right people make all the difference in the world.   A "BOT" can't choose the right candidate.   A computer program, or Applicant Tracking System can't see the intangibles or even get close to matching the cultural fit.   Relying on technology to make your decision can only lead to higher turnover.


Ekman Associates, Inc. has a solid track record of successful Executive Search placements with our clients.  Our practice takes a sophisticated blend of industry knowledge to understand the technical expertise required, business needs and the subtle art of human relations to find the perfect match.  Our foundation as a Firm is based on the principles of Human Intangibles as the source/structure for corporate success.  Clearly, the right people make the difference.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - Partnering With the Client

Partnering With The Client

We focusing on understanding the client's needs and tailoring our approach specifically to each client.  We focus on becoming well-versed regarding the client's business and make sure we have a deep understanding of the cultural environment.   Combining these factors with our in-depth industry knowledge, makes us a formidable search group, driven to succeed.  We maintain constant contact with the client and provide weekly status reports with both written and verbal communications.   We provide "market feedback" from candidates and our network of professionals as to the perceived barriers to the search and other factors such as competing searches, compensation analysis, relocation issues, and general view of the client.


This unique approach creates the foundation for a successful search with the client having an employee that is tactically, strategically and culturally the right fit.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

  1.  We are unique in that we utilize Retained Search practices, yet only require payment once the successful candidate begins employment.
  2. Our recruiters have been successful professionals within the fields they recruit in.  This is a significant advantage when determining the best fit as we have "walked a mile in the Client's shoes."
  3. Our interview process is rigorous, utilizing phone, video and in-person tactics combined with numerous other search techniques all geared to making sure each candidate is fully vetted prior to interviewing with the client.
  4. Our process insures that the candidates presented can exceed expectations on a tactical and strategic basis and the client only has to choose the best cultural fit.
  5. We provide comprehensive candidate evaluations that address the key factors on why we believe the candidate is the right match for the client.
  6. Vetting:   prior to interviewing with the client, each candidate will be heavily screened for compensation motives, desires, and history, as wells as relocation issues and prepped with regard to correct interview procedures and etiquette.


Bottom Line:   We remove the risk for the Client:  No fees paid until the successful candidate starts employment, searches conducted by recruiters that have walked a mile in the Client's shoes; search guarantees that match the need, culture of the client, and a true partnering methodology with the Client so that there are no surprises.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - Due Diligence

Due Diligence

We initiate the search process with a due-diligence meeting with the client.   This is very important to the success of the search because all too often, the position description only covers part of the position requirements.   We use this meeting to get a clear understanding of what the hiring manager wants, as well as the any barriers the Client assumes will be part of the search, the Client's culture, and the Client's opinion of what it would take to be the perfect candidate.  We also use this time to customize the actual operational process including the Client's interview process, submittal process, review procedures, background check factors and offer procedures.  We also develop a strict communications schedule with the Client and if needed, refine the position description with any new discoveries covered in the meeting.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - Finding The Right Candidate

Finding The Right Candidate

We rely on several different forms of sourcing that require a "HUMAN" touch and not just a "BOT" that picks resumes based on inadequate factors.  Recruiting is an art form and when you have incredible recruiters finding candidates that not only possess the right tactical and strategic background, but also have the intangibles that the Client requires, the end result is success.


Utilizing our network and search expertise, we will develop the initial pool of candidates. During this process, we quickly ascertain the candidate's ability and desire to re-locate, his or her willingness to enter a rigorous search process, and determine whether or not they have the core competencies to initiate their individual search process.


Next we conduct a minimum of two phone interviews, in combination with a video conference or in-person meeting for candidates that will most likely be considered for the final panel. Our interview process is extensive and not only includes traditional interview questions, but we add a number of "case study" scenarios that test the candidate's ability to think on their feet. This allows us to see how a candidate reacts under pressure without the benefit of preparing for the question. It also gives us the ability view their "executive presence" in difficult crisis situations.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - The Interview

The Interview

Of course the resume is important, it depicts how a candidate demonstrates their value, history, accomplishments, etc. That's just where EA gets started.


When we interview someone for a position, we take the process to the next level. Our interview process drills to a highly detailed level in order to determine the depth of understanding and practical experience of the candidate. We explore real-life situations that enable us to evaluate the candidate’s expertise and competency. We utilize case-study scenarios which requires the candidate to quickly grasp the subject matter and intelligently articulate a potential successful outcome. This can only be accomplished when you utilize recruiters that have worked in these specific fields of expertise. Every candidate gets thoroughly vetted on how they would handle various specific crisis situations in their given field. This technique is an excellent filter to determine who can think on their feet, who is a delegator, who is a leader and definitely depicts their breath and depth of knowledge.


Additionally, everyone considered for a position is interviewed multiple times and at least one of the interviews is face to face either live or via video conferencing. By the time these candidates are presented to the client all will exceed requirements for both tactical and strategic abilities and the client should only have to choose the best cultural fit.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - The Offer

The Offer

This is a very delicate phase of the search and is where the majority of the executive searches break down.   We utilize rigorous techniques to make sure this process goes in the right direction for all parties involved.   Success during this period starts with the Due-Diligence meeting, supported by a rigorous search process, and addressing the candidate's needs up front.


We partner with the Client to determine the best course of action with regard to the actual offer.  Prior to making the offer, the Client will know what the candidate is expecting, have a full understanding of the candidate's compensation history and our opinion of what the will most likely work for a successful offer.   We recommend that Ekman Associates provide the offer to the finalist to ensure current and future relations with the candidate remain positive.

Services:  Executive Recruiting - Background Checks

Background Checks

Ekman Associates has established a robust procedure for reference checking. As a standard, we complete formal reference checks on each candidate placed using both standardized and customized questions. Additionally, we can also add to this list any specific requirements that the Client may want incorporate into the reference check process. We also conduct industry accepted background checks for all contract to hire and staff augmentation candidates who accept a position.